Delicious Digest #2 – Playing god, Tinder, and Trolling Trump

A weekly newsletter of what I’ve seen in (mostly) tech & games and thought was interesting. This week: Playing god, Tinder, and Trolling Trump.

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Playing God

😳 Must reads of the week

◼ How does Zynga make the decision on whether to retire a live game, reinvest in it, or ramp up work on a sequel? Link

◼ Are game designers playing god? Richard Bartle, game designer lecturer at Uni Essex thinks we might. Completely irrelevant to your day-to-day work – but it’s the kind of fun stuff Elon Musk discusses in the hot tub. Link

🗞 Tech News

◼ Disney+ has just launched. Add Netflix, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Peacock… and the streaming wars are on. Result? Production prices are skyrocketing. Link

◼ At the same time, all streaming giants set the same, one-sized-fits-and-gets-all subscription pricing model. Why? Link

◼ Apple may release a VR headset and AR glasses in 2022/2023. There’s been so much smoke about Apple investing into this that there’s likely going to be some fire in the future. Link

◼ Speaking of Apple: is Apple Card biased against women? The bigger picture: algorithm-fueled gender discrimination: interview with Cathy O’Neil, author of “Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy”. Link.
See also: “When Algorithms Decide Whose Voices Will Be Heard”. Link

◼ Deep Tech trends 2019. “Deep tech = software + science”. Overview of trends in this (very broad) field, particularly hardware and biotech. Link (Slides)

◼ HoloLens 2 now shipping. If you fork over $3500. Good luck with that. Link

◼ Whatsapp now offers “catalogs” – mobile storefronts for businesses to showcase and share their goods so people can easily browse and discover something they would like to buy. Can I still send GIFs? Link

◼ Important story from the NY Times on child abuse material online: every service that lets people share images or files has people using it to share this shit. Games are no exception. Link

◼ People spent $89 million dollars on Tinder in October. Also, do you know iQiyi? No? Well, it has 500 million active monthly users. Link

🕹 Games

◼ Players aren’t spending on Fortnite like they used to. Link

◼ Then again, Fortnite’s Chapter 2 boosted viewer hours by 31% on Twitch. Link

◼ Supercell is shutting down “Rush Wars”. Link (Beat them to it!)

◼ Top Mobile Games by Worldwide Revenue for October 2019. Link

◼ Apparently, Blizzard will merge Overwatch 1 and 2 clients later. Link

◼ Homescapes joins Gardenscapes as a $1b mobile game. Link

◼ Gamification of learning experiences appears to work: a study finds evidence for cognitive learning, although less consistently for motivational and behavioral learning. Variance is high, which shouldn’t surprise us: we know how hard it is to make a great gaming experience. Link (PDF)

◼ 60% of teens rarely or never talk to their parents about appropriate online behavior. A Roblox Survey. Link

◼ Nearly all Counter-Strike microtransactions are being used for money laundering. Oopsie! Link

😋 Tasty Tidbits

◼ Berliners are trolling Trump. Zis German is fery broud! Link

◼ Want to sound like me? Use this. Link

◼ How to make music with an electric drill and and oven. Link

◼ How to buy drugs. Link

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