Delicious Digest #7: Harbingers, Sex Toys, and Cat Videos

A weekly newsletter of what I’ve seen in (mostly) tech & games and thought was interesting. This week: harbingers, sex toys, and cat videos.

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😳 Must reads of the week

◼ “Harbinger customers” are people that consistently buy products that get discontinued, buy real-estate that underperforms, and donate to losing political candidates. Fascinating. Link Here’s the PDF of the actual research paper: Link

◼ Yearly reviews are for losers. App Annie looks at the Top Apps & Games of the last decade. Candy is #2 in downloads. Can you guess #1? Link

◼ Christmas crazy-time is here – it’s also a good moment to think about giving back. If you are looking for great charities, look at They provide independent, data-backed research and recommend few but highly effective charities. I’ve been donating to the Against Malaria Foundation for several years now, on their recommendation. Go do some good, people. Link

🗞 Tech News

◼ Great recap of the decade in tech from the NYT: “The Decade Tech Lost Its Way”. Better read this at home, it’s a rabbit hole. Link

◼ A Russian tech firm is suing Twitch for 180bn roubles (£2.1bn) for allegedly broadcasting pirated streams of premier league matches. The tricky thing about having a platform with user-generated content is controlling the content. It can be quite costly to take measures to prevent it in the first place or deal with consequences of illegal content. Link

◼ Intel buys Habana Labs, an Israeli artificial intelligence firm, for $2 Billion. AI is everywhere. Intel lost the mobile train completely, they surely do not want to miss the AI train. Link

◼ Speaking of platforms and AI: Instagram’s AI will now go through the contents of your caption and match it against its database of ‘problematic’ content. This isn’t really new. What’s new is that now you’ll be shown a prompt telling you that the caption is potentially harmful. “Free speech” ain’t “free reach”. Link

◼ The “Teslafication” of air travel? Bit soon to tell but stuff is happening. Link

◼ Apple, Google, Amazon, and an alliance of other smart-home manufacturers will work together on a Zigbee-based open-source protocol for communicating with smart-home devices via IP. Link

🕹 Games

◼' “The Year In Numbers 2019” Infographic. Lots of cool stats and figures. Link

◼ Supercell’s Brawl Stars has generated $420 Million since hard launch. An interesting case: looking at it in the West, it’s only a portfolio game for Supercell that has generated less than their (old) stable horses Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Asia is a different story: Korea is their biggest market. Link

◼ The next generation of Xbox is called… wait for it… Xbox. Hold me. Link

◼ Call of Duty Mobile: 172 million downloads and $87 million gross bookings in the first two months. Link

◼ “Epic’s exclusivity push leads to ugliness.” Link

◼ Polygon’s “50 Best Games of 2019” list. Link

◼ “How accurate were 2009’s gaming predictions?” Link (Video)

◼ Facebook wants a piece of streaming, buys (Madrid-based) PlayGiga for $70m. Link

◼ Netease removes Arsenal footballer Mesut Özil from PES 2020 after an Instagram post criticizing China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims. Publishers and politics don’t mix. Link

◼ “How a sex toy company ended up making a creepy video game figurine.” Link

😋 Tasty Tidbits

◼ The oldest painting in the world: 44.000 years old. Link

◼ The ultimate usability test: a monkey can do it. Link (Video)

◼ Winner of the “Best optical illusion of the world 2019” award. My brain hurts. Link

◼ From toxoplasmosis virus to viral cat videos. Link (Video)

◼ Digital brushes created using AI. Just imagine what this will look like in just 2-3y from now. AI is everywhere. Link

◼ The trick that made animation realistic: a Rotoscope. Link (Video)

◼ Glædelig jul! Link (Video)

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