Delicious Digest #10 - Austria, Axes, and Africa

A weekly newsletter of what I’ve seen in (mostly) tech & games and thought was interesting. This week: Austria, axes, and Africa.


😳 Must reads of the week

◼ Fascinating insights on influencer marketing economy in China. Brave new world. Link

◼ More Deconstructor of Fun predictions: “What Happens When the Hypercasual Party Ends?” It’s a hypercompetitive, hypersaturated hypercasual beyond-hypergrowth market. Also, hyper. Link

🗞 Tech News

◼ Facebook has shelved plans to monetize Whatsapp through ads. Interesting in many ways: first, both founders left Facebook in 2017 over severe disagreement on ads; second, Whatsapp was a $22 billion acquisition that yet has to make money; third, will we actually see new non-ads business models from Facebook? Link

◼ Apple has acquired, a Seattle startup specializing in low-power, on-chip/device artificial intelligence. Link

◼ Why are companies sitting on over $4 trillion (!) dollars in cash? Guess. I give you a hint. It starts with “T” and rhymes with “axes”. Link

◼ Clearview AI has scraped over 3 billion photos from Facebook, YouTube etc., indexes them with face recognition, and then sells this to law enforcement. Have a photo of suspect? Upload to Clearview AI and get their name, public images, locations. Creepy. But also inevitable. Tech and data is simply there. AI is everywhere. Link
See also: EU considers temporary ban on facial recognition in public spaces. Link

◼ Analyzing 15y of Y Combinator startups. Tough times for consumer start-ups. Link

◼ Alexa devices more than double in just one year. Link

🕹 Games

◼ Know your top-spenders: former Vice Chancellor of Austria apparently loved Clash of Clans a lot and spent €3000/month - and then expensed it to his party. Link

◼ Cyberpunk 2077 delayed from April to September. More competition for Call of Duty this autumn? Link (via Etienne Badia)

◼ Predictions on the shooter market and the interesting question of who might be benefit the most from Fortnite’s decline. Link

◼ Niantic drove $249 million in tourism revenue with its walking events in 2019. Link

◼ 2020 African Games Industry Trends. Hands up if you knew anything about gaming industry in Africa! Link

◼ The Coronavirus spreads in China – and Plague Inc. becomes the top paid game… Link ($)

◼ The 20 best-selling games of 2019 in the U.S. – I call to your sense of duty to read this article. Link

😋 Tasty Tidbits

◼ What really killed the dinosaurs? Spoiler: a very large rock. Link

◼ Do they close? Emoji scissors. Link

◼ Really digging these official posters for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo. Link

◼ Instagram for Windows 95. Enough said. Link

◼ Every Noise at Once. Link

◼ The math of brewing a better espresso. I am sure Italians will love this. Link

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