Delicious Digest #26 - Removals, Roses, and the Return of Magic

A tasty newsletter of what I’ve seen in (mostly) tech & games and thought was interesting. This week: Removals, Roses, and the Return of Magic.

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Screenshot Epic Games via

😳 Must reads of the week

◼ Epic released a feature that woud bypass in-app purchase in Fortnite on Apples and Googles app stores. Google and Apple pulled Fortnite from the app store within hours. This was Epic’s wanted and expected result: within even fewer hours, they sued Apple and Google for anti-competitive behavior. I have a LOT of thoughts on this. But for now: hand me the popcorn, this is getting interesting… Link
See also: “Epic Games, a plucky corporate underdog worth $17 billion.” Link

◼ Speaking of popcorn: Trump issued two executive orders to “ban” TikTok. Nomnomnom, delicious. Link
See also: “Oval Office Brawl” – dibs on that name for a game! More popcorn, please. Link
And let’s not forget: “Key money”. Can’t make this stuff up. Link

🗞 News

◼ Google will keep their staff working from home until next summer. Link

◼ Some Facebook employees are not happy with how the company is handling hate-speech, conspiracy theories, and fake news on the platform. Link
See also: “Coronavirus Disinformation Video Seen 20M Times Before Facebook Took It Down”. Link

◼ Detailed white paper examining China’s covert and overt “capabilities in the context of modern information operations” (aka Propaganda). Link

◼ Interesting data on work patterns during Covid: more meetings with more people, but shorter meetings overall, and longer effective work days. Link

◼ Using artificial intelligence to smell the roses. If this modeling of olfactory receptors works, the range of application is truly vast. AI is everywhere. Link
See also: Dogs can smell Covid-19. Link

◼ Meet Palantir, the stealthy analytics company, is preparing a likely huge IPO. Nomen est omen. Link (via Miquel Masoliver)

◼ American TikTok alternatives grow dramatically as the US government threatens a ban. Link

◼ Ofcom’s 2020 Online Nation report “that looks at what people are doing online”. Lots and lots of interesting data. Link

◼ Recreating full 3D models from random tourist photos. Very impressive! AI is everywhere. Link
See also: Image privacy tool to “cloak” faces from AI. Link

🕹 Games

◼ Great summary on the implications of Apple removing Identifiers for Advertisers in iOS 14. This will affect games advertising a lot. Link

◼ Apple will not allow cloud gaming services onto the app store. I have eaten too much popcorn now, I am getting sick… Link

◼ GDC 2021 is already shifted back to July. Link

◼ Subway Surfers surpasses 3 billion (!) downloads. Amazing success. Link

◼ Sensortower’s top mobile games by worldwide revenue. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a list like this without a single Supercell or King title on it. Link

◼ The new Xbox will launch in November – but the new Halo won’t arrive until 2021. Link

◼ Some interesting thoughts and analysis by Craig Chapple of Sensor Tower on the impact of COVID-19 on mobile games. Personally, I think projection at this stage are a bit like reading tea leaves. Link

◼ Just like Amazon’s Crucible, Ubisoft’s late battle royale entry Hyper Scape seems to be off to a rough start. Link

◼ “Riot Games addresses burnout and crunch by giving employees a week off”. Sure, that’ll do it. Link

◼ “Star Citizen dev offers roadmap for development of new development roadmap”. Should I love or should I cry hysterically? Please advise. Link

😋 Tasty Tidbits

◼ Let’s study UFOs. Let’s! Link

◼ “This Kid Crashing Into Trash Cans Sounds Like Phil Collins’ Drums from In the Air Tonight”. Link (Video)

◼ Proud Racoon Artists. Link

◼ “2020: an isolation odyssey”. Link (Video)

◼ The 2020 Hugo Award Winners are out. Started listening to “A Memory Called Empire” already. Link

◼ “Crime is steadily falling, but Americans don’t believe it.” The challenge of being data driven when people aren’t. Link

◼ Which of course leads us to “QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, and the Rise of Magical Thinking”. Very insightful summary from the creator of “Everything is a remix”. Link (Video)

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